We use the money from fundraisers for:

  • Student software used in the school system and the Ashland Public Library

  • The Preschool Playground Fund

  • Computer and accessories to the Middle School

  • Specialized equipment, books, and supplies to teachers and other service providers

  • Educational speakers for families and staff

  • After-school enrichment classes at the Mindess School

  • Annual High School Scholarships

Recyclable Bags

Ashland blue recyclable bags with one pocket for sale $5. Look for those recyclable bags at ASHPAC and school events or contact us by email to purchase.

Ashland Blankets

These awesome blankets offered by ASHPAC only! For just $20 stay nice and warm at those up coming fall and spring outdoor events, keep it in the car it's stays rolled up with the nice handle included also help a great cause at the same time. Please contact us by email to purchase.


We have handmade Ashland Spirit and Clocker jewelry for sale. Look for the jewelry at ASHPAC and school events. Earrings, key rings, cell phone charms, chokers and bracelets are $5.00 - $10.00.


LockerMates locker organizers can be purchased for $20 at the Ashland Middle School store.