Agendas, minutes & Presentation ARCHIVE

Minutes 2023/2024

Ashpac Agenda Sept23.pdf
ASHPAC Meeting Minutes_09182023.docx
Ashpac Agenda Oct23 (1).pdf
ASHPAC Meeting Minutes_10182023.docx
Ashpac Agenda Nov23.pdf
ASHPAC Meeting Minutes_11142023.pdf
Ashpac Agenda Dec23.pdf

Minutes 2022/2023

ASHPAC Meeting Minutes Oct 2022.docx
ASHPAC Agenda Nov 2022.docx
ASHPAC Meeting Minutes Nov 2022.docx
ASHPAC Agenda Dec 2022.docx
Meeting minutes December 2022.docx
ASHPAC Agenda Jan 2023 final.docx
ASHPAC Meeting Minutes Jan 2023.docx
ASHPAC Agenda Feb 2023.docx
Meeting Minutes Feb 2023.docx
ASHPAC Agenda March 2023.docx
ASHPAC Meeting Minutes Mar 2023.docx
ASHPAC Agenda April 2023.docx
ASHPAC Meeting Minutes April 2023.docx
ASHPAC Agenda May 2023.docx
ASHPAC Meeting Minutes May 2023.docx
ASHPAC Agenda June 2023.docx
ASHPAC Meeting Minutes Jun 2023.docx

Minutes 2021/2022

Agenda June 2021 ASHPAC.docx
ASHPAC Agenda Oct 2021.docx
Meeting Minutes Oct 2021 ASHPAC.docx
Agenda Nov 2021 ASHPAC.docx
Meeting Minutes Nov 2021 ASHPAC.docx
Meeting minutes Jan 2022.docx
Meeting Minutes Mar 2022 ASHPAC.docx
Agenda April 2022 ASHPAC.docx
Meeting Minutes Apr 2022.docx
Meeting minutes May 2022.docx
ASHPAC Agenda June 2022.docx
2022 0608 ASHPAC Minutes FINAL.docx

Our 2021 and older agendas and minutes can be found on the Town of Ashland, MA website in the directory Agenda center (Please click on the link below)