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BR. Evaluation and Eligibility PDF Handout.pdf

November 6, 2023 Basic Rights Evaluation and Eligibility Virtual Workshop given by the Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN).

Colleen ASHPAC January 2023.ppt

March 16, 2023  Understanding the IEP Document, From Team Meeting to Implementation with Colleen Brewer, Administrative Coordinator with the APS Office of Student Services  

BR Evaluation and Eligibility PDF Handout (1).pdf

March 15, 2021 'Basic Rights: Evaluation and Eligibility' by Federation for Children with Special Needs


March 22, 2017 'Maintaining Balance, Self-Identity, and Relationships as the Parent of the Special Needs Child' by Kate J. Stone


November 18, 2015 'The Typical and Atypical reading Brain' by Nadine Gaab

ADHD (2).pptx

March 17, 2014 ADHD Presentation

UnderstandingIEP (1).ppt

November 18, 2013 'Understanding the IEP' presentation by Kathy Silva


'Developmental Dyslexia: Early Identification, Brain- correlates and Remediation Strategies' by Nadine Gaab